Enjoy The Ride With Insurtech

Daston Lam



Reshaping Car Insurance For The Better

Technology is transforming insurance as we know it, with emerging insurtech startups looking to disrupt the traditional insurance industry.

Insurtech is empowering consumers by letting them choose when to start or stop insurance on demand, while driving down costs through enhanced AI processes that eliminate the need for regular financial consultants.

The shift is to be expected, as consumers look for more self-directed and efficient coverage options in a new digital age. Oftentimes, traditional insurance firms have to resort to fintech collaborations with startups to re-invent themselves for this digital trend.

Unlike health and life insurance, motor vehicle insurance remains compulsory and will be this article’s focus. If you’re thinking of owning or already own a motor vehicle, consider purchasing an affordable digital insurance plan that fits you!

Drive Your Own Destiny

With Insurtech, purchasing motor vehicle insurance can be a breeze. Coverage plans can now be bought on-demand with a mobile device in under a few minutes. Key applications of motor vehicle Insurtech include:

● Support for Mobility As A Service (MAAS) companies: Helping to develop a beneficial motor vehicle insurance ecosystem that protects the end-user and vehicles.

● AI-assisted customer service on Insurtech platforms: Customers are able to interact with digital representatives for policy purchases and claims settlement.

● On-demand personalized services: Each policy is uniquely tailored to each customer, depending on the needs. Customers can purchase coverage plans anytime on their smart devices.

● Easy claims processing: No more calling your financial consultant for claims processing during office hours. AI-enhanced tools are automated to provide efficient claims processes that are accurate and fuss-free.

● AI-enhanced risk analysis and data report: Premiums are scientifically calculated with AI, as insurers are able to accurately predict the likelihood of accidents and potential losses.

Take Charge Now

At Fatberry, we believe in offering affordable coverage plans that provide our users with sufficient coverage regardless of the circumstances. Motor vehicle insurance provided is transparent and fair- find out how you can be insured for more with less by clicking here and we’ll provide a quote.