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Epic says it’s ‘open’ to blockchain games after Steam bans them

Jonathan Shiek



Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games Store, announced on Twitter that the platform will accept games based on Blockchain and NFTs.

Surprisingly, the adjustment came shortly after rival - Steamchanged its regulations to exclude this type of game.

Despite stating this at the end of September, Tim now claims that the "welcome" to these titles are designed to provide freedom of choice to both game makers and service users.

According to Sweeney, blockchain-enabled games must "follow the relevant regulations, be clear with their rules, and have an age rating for an appropriate audience." The Epic Games Store payment mechanism will be incapable of selling cryptocurrency, according to the CEO, thus developers would have to design their own methods.

The Epic Games Store's move comes only days after Steam changed its policies to exclude all games that use Blockchain technology, including NFTs and cryptocurrencies. On October 14, the shift was brought to a head when the official account of one of the banned games, 'Age of Rust,' pointed out the new criteria as an explanation for its removal from the platform.

The NFT, or "Non-fungible Token," is a type of digital signature that ensures that a digital item is either unique or one of a handful that exists. That is, customers can buy various photos or virtual things with the assurance that they are one-of-a-kind or unusual.

NFTs have been sold for millions of dollars in some cases. However, there is a lot of controversy around the technology and the selling process, with investor frauds and energy consumption worries - since the technology could become harmful to the environment if it gets popular.

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