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Market Presence in South East Asia


Building an impactful and innovative value creation towards high-growth scale-ups

ASEAN Fintech Group (AFG) is the fintech arm of Fatfish Group Limited (ASX: FFG) which empowers and creates value for businesses and consumers through its next-gen Web 3.0-geared multi-vertical tech solutions and services.


Since 2017

Next - gen

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We bring you next-gen Web 3.0-geared multi-vertical tech solutions and services in the areas of: Payments, Lending/”Buy Now Pay Later” (BNPL), Insurtech and Wealth Management. 

Growth Hack with
synergistic businesses

Speed is critical for growth acceleration within the tech space. AFG aims to fast-track interoperability across the highly-regulated financial technology (fintech) landscape and move businesses forward through efficient capital provision, embedded finance capabilities, tech and infrastructure support, supplemented with its extensive network of key decision-makers and industry leaders from various industries and expertise. 

Deploy Capital efficiently

AFG deploys lending capital through a myriad of risk factor considerations. At AFG, we understand the challenging tasks of treading the fine lines between being conservative whilst pursuing growth. With AFG, we aim to identify where and when value is created to maximise ROI effectively.

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