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Since 2017

Building an impactful ASEAN Fintech Value Chain Through Innovation & Accretive Value 

AFG empowers and builds value for businesses and consumers, through Next-Gen Payments, Lending, Insurtech, and Digital Wealth Management services.

Next - gen


ASEAN United

We bring you the next-gen expertise of former founders, serial entrepreneurs and operators from some of Asia's most successful technology companies. AFG is building an Integrated Fintech Value Chain through innovation, network and scale across four verticals; Payments, Lending / BNPL, Insurtech and Digital Wealth Management.

Growth Hack synergistic

Speed is critical for dynamic growth. By leveraging the AFG footprint, we fast-track interoperability across the highly regulated Fintech landscape. With ready ASEAN financial licenses and quick market access, AFG helps our businesses scale up through efficient capital provision, tech, infrastructure support, and an extensive network of key decision-makers and industry leaders from various sectors and businesses. 

Deploy Capital efficiently

AFG deploys our lending capital through a myriad of risk factor considerations. At AFG, we understand how potentially difficult the task of treading the fine line of being conservative whilst pursuing growth. With AFG, we help identify where and when value is created to maximise ROI smartly.

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